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A labelling machine dispenses or applies labels to a variety of items, containers, packages and products. Some labelling machines not only apply and dispense labels but also print them. There are many labelling machines in the market today that range from the high production units offering complete automation of the print and apply process to manual units that simply dispense labels.

Some of the labelling machines are designed in such a way that they can only apply labels on certain products while other can work on a wide range of products, containers and packages. Due to the different models in the market from different manufacturers, getting the right one can be quite a daunting task.

The following are the main three types of labelling machines that you should consider:

· An automatic labelling machine

Automatic labelling machines are often chosen by businesses that require a fast solution and high volume of labelling since they produce large quality of products or businesses that do not have time to supervise the labelling process. Automatic labelling machines have a conveyor belt and a mechanism for feeding the items in the right position so that the label is applied. After the sensor is confirmed once the item is placed in the correct position, the label is applied.

· Semi automatic labelling machines

As the name indicates, semi automatic labelling machines require human input to process the labelling. A person feeds the products into the machine and takes it out after it has been labelled. The semi automatic labelling machine will label the product automatically but a person has to manually take the item in and out of the machine after the labelling.

· Electrical labelling machines

This labelling machines produces the labels then a person has to take them and apply them on the items by hand. It is a labour intensive machine and it is available in small version that can be used in small offices and homes and large ones to be used in big businesses.

How to determine which labelling machine you need

The labelling machine that you need depends on the amount of labelling work as well as your budget. If you label on a regular bases in large amounts then an automatic labelling machine is ideal. A semi automatic labelling machine can also work for you and it less expensive compared to an automatic machine. Your budget should determine which one to purchase.

However, semi automatic labelling machines work best in organization with less work load since they are partly manual. An electrical machine is suitable if you have minimal labelling demands or uniquely shaped items to label.